The donations help us to conserve the Synagogue and to transmit the Jewish historical memory.

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Received Donations

Alex Neish

Alex Neish, a Scottish Protestant now retired in Barcelona, has from the beginning followed the restoration of the Synagogue. As a major world collector of pewter he saw it as the ideal home for the extraordinary collection of Judaica he had assembled over 3 decades - for the importance of its design and the testament of its faith. The Swedish expert Jan Gadd was the one who was able to identify the makers of these notable pieces, now together for all time to celebrate the Jewish rituals.

Ferràn Aguiló

In 2002 when the Synagogue Schlomo Ben Adret was re-opened to the world, the Mallorcan artist Ferràn Aguiló in memory of his ancestors gifted to the Synagogue his impressive Menorah lamp. As a descendent of Jews, he wished to participate in reviviving the recognition of the importance of Catalonia's Jewish history.

Max Iaffa

For his part the artist Max Iaffa created the important stained glass window which illuminates the main room. The Star of David at its centre is encrusted with 12 stones to commemorate each of the tribes of Israel.

We deeply appreciate:

  • Ms. Mirem Itziar Bescós
  • Ms. Esther Silverstein
  • Ms. Helena Bendala
  • Ms. Mirta Kupferming
  • Mr. Lorenzo Rozencwaig
  • Mr. Joaquín Oller Riera
  • Mss. Lucy Ades Pennell
  • Mr. Michael Kashden
  • Mr. Michael Levy in memory of his parents Mr. Isaac and Ms. Miriam Levy
  • Mr/Ms. Phoebe y Zack Stern