Major Synagogue is one of the oldest in Europe, it is located in the heart of Barcelona city, the Gothic area. Surrounded by an environment where each stone tells a story, what better place, to leave your mark on. For more than 1000 years huppas were celebrated in this ancient Synagogue, since its reopening in 2002 it offers the possibility of celebrating such an important event again. The huppah since biblical times has been a reason for joy and celebration. A very important moment in the life of a couple, that marks the beginning of a life in common, for that reason there is a great importance in the symbolism to be carried out, from the seven blessings or Sheva Brahot until the breaking of the cup in memory of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon. Leave all the details for such a special day in the hands of our team.

What does our service include?

  • The Synagogue exclusively for the couple and their guests, during all the time necessary for the ceremony.
  • The use of our classic huppah, white with the Star of David in blue, with bamboo canes.
  • Decoration of the space for the ceremony: chair covers in gray pearl color, flowers, candles, lanterns, petals...
  • The services of our Hazan and the kettubah. You can also bring your Rabbi!
  • Kosher white wine for the symbolic kiddush at the end of the ceremony and water for all attendees.
  • Historical explanation about the Great Synagogue, before or after the ceremony.
  • A gift for the couple and a detail for the relatives.

For more information, ask us!