Tour Call

Major Synagogue with the guided hands of our staff offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of the Jewish community of Barcelona. The Jewish neighborhoods; Major Call and Minor Call are located in the heart of the medieval city. Call is the name given to the Jewish quarters in Catalonia, the origin is found in the Hebrew word " קהל" (cahal) which means community. The neighborhoods were closed in 1275, 50 years afther the official law in one of the canons of the IV Lateran Council, but were not guettos. They were under the protection of the king. Barcelona came to have five Synagogues in medieval times, Major Synagogue it was the main and the oldest one. Major Synagogue offers cultural routes where the visitors can get lost in the narrow and labyrinthine streets, each corner transports us to a time of wisdom, of illustrious people that influenced the knowledge of the current Judaism and takes us from the most glorious point of the Jewish community to the darker times of the Black Death, the pogroms and the Inquisition. Get informed in: [email protected]