Bat Mitzvah & Bar Mitzvah

In 2006 the Rozenscwaig family donated the Torah scroll from the 16th century and since then Major Synagogue has been offering the celebration of Bar - Mitzvah and the Bat - Mitzvah. Our team will take care of all the preparations for such a special day for the children and their families. Can you imagine welcoming children to the community life in a Synagogue where Bar - Mitzvah was celebrated for more than thousand years? This ancient Synagogue perpetuates the tradition from the Roman period and today in modern times, it becomes a cozy environment and a great sentimental atmosphere, thus giving families a beautiful memory.

What does our service include?

  • The Synagogue exclusively for the family and assistants, during all the necessary time of the ceremony.
  • The use of our sixteenth - century Torah.
  • Decoration of the space for the ceremony: chair covers in gray pearl color, flowers, candles,...
  • The services of our Jazan and the certificate. You can also bring your Rabbi!
  • Kosher wine for the symbolic kiddush at the end of the ceremony and water for all attendees.
  • Kosher candy for the little ones and not so little.
  • Historical explanation about Major Synagogue, before or after the ceremony.
  • A gift for the child and some details for the family.

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